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Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP)

Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP) is a World Bank funded Project. This Project started in 2015 and would be completed by December 2021.

The development objective for the Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project is to improve irrigation water management at Tertiary and field levels in Sindh. The project supports efficient management scarce water resources and Tertiary and field level where water loses are highest together with promotion of High Efficiency Irrigation System and improved Irrigation agronomy, the project is designed to augment adaptation under different Climate Change scenarios.

Start Date: 21-08-2015

Completion Date: 31-12-2021

Type of Assignment: Continuous

Client Name: Sindh Government


Loan / TA / Grant No: IDA 5604-PK

Total value of whole project (In US$): 242.20 Million $

Brief narrative Description of the project:

The project development objective is to improve irrigation water management at tertiary and field levels in Sindh. The main beneficiaries of the Project will be the smallholder farmers.

A large population would also benefit indirectly from the project, such as landless farm laborers for agricultural operations, and temporary and permanent labors engaged in construction and manufacturing sectors. Employment will be generated through installation of the High Efficiency Irrigation Systems (HEIS). Private companies will supply construction materials and farm inputs, help improve water courses, and gain additional business from incremental gains in agricultural production.

1. Description of actual service provided by our organization:

2. Community water infrastructure improvement

3. Promotion & Installation of High Efficiency Irrigation system

4. Improved agriculture practices

5. Project Management & monitoring and Evaluation and strategic studies.

6. Monitoring & Evaluation.


(FROM F.Y 2015-16 TO F.Y 2021-22 UPTO FEBRUARY, 2022)

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Components of SIAPEP Project

Component-A Component-B Component-C
A.1- Watercourses – Community Watercourse Improvement

A.2- Establishment of Flood Shelters

B.1- HEIS Installation – Small and Medium-sized HEIS Farms

B.1- Area Established Under HEIS (ACRES)

B.2- KG Installation – HEIS Established in Kitchen Garden

C.1.1- PLL – Delivery of Precision Land Leveling Equipment

C.1.2- DR – Delivery of Deep Ripping Equipment

C.2- FFS – Farmer Field Schools

C.3- NEFR Natural Enemies Field Reservior

C.4- Establishment of Kiosk / Resource Centers


1. Watercourse Improvement:

The Watercourse improvement is an important sub component of the project, 30% lining of the total length has resulted to minimize conveyance losses and improving the efficiency, reliability and equity of irrigation water. So far 1246 watercourses have been lined throughout sindh and the lining work on 717 watercourses is under progress. The beneficiaries are very active to participate and provide their assistance in shape of skilled labour and Masson for improvement of Watercourses. The improved watercourses will lead to benefit the farming community in shape of saving of water, reduction in time farmers spend on irrigation.

2. High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS):

High Efficiency Irrigation System support the installation of Drip Irrigation System at growers farms for growing high value crops on irrigated and irrigable land, provide technical assistance packages to farmers, provide additional training and assistance to farmers in the use of HEIS. The main benefits of HEIS is to increase crop yield due to better water management practices and readily available plant nutrients  through installation of system i.e nutrients are supplied directly to the plant root zone. The intervention help increase water conservation, reduced water logging and salinity and change in cropping patterns.

Under this sub-component Drip system on 26 farms serving 270 acres has been completed and 22 farms serving 190 acres are under installation. The demand of the farmers is increasing day by day and hopefully the project target will be achieved.

 3. Laser Land Leveling Equipment:

The Laser Land Leveling Equipment is helping farmers to save irrigation water, curtail irrigation time, improve efficiency of agriculture inputs such as fertilizers and achieve uniform germination, resulting in increased crop yields.

Under this Project so for 1140 Laser units on subsidy basis have been delivered to the farmers / service providers, further 160 Laser Units will be provided by June 30, 2018.

4. Establishment of Farmers Field School:

The objective of this sub-component is to strengthening farmer’s participation to improve their capabilities for better management at farm level. So for 100 FFS have been established on the improved watercourses in coordination with members of the watercourses associations. The project have educated the farmers for proper land preparation, soil fertility and crop nutrition management, integrated pest management for safe handling of pesticides, improved irrigation techniques such as user of Laser, Zero Tillage.