Agriculture is the single largest economic sector of Pakistan, contributing 21 percent to GDP and employing 44 percent of the workforce. Around 67% of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas and their livelihood depends on agriculture and allied activities, directly or indirectly. Fragmented land holdings, poor crop management techniques, low productivity and low-skilled labor have undermined the potential of this sector. CSRD is geared towards promoting agriculture through productivity enhancement, value-addition and resource management. Recently, CSRD has signed an MoU with a leading Agricultural University to collaborate in a number of areas. CSRD has in-depth expertise in the area of agriculture, especially agribusiness, livestock, agriculture extension services and agricultural policy. We believe that the long-term solution to make Pakistan’s agriculture sector competitive is to work with stakeholders to propose sustainable agricultural policy frameworks, gradual removal of regulatory protections, international linkages, productivity enhancement programs, research and development and developing farmer cooperatives.